Home Business A deeper look into Neymar’s bizarre earnings in Saudi Arabia

A deeper look into Neymar’s bizarre earnings in Saudi Arabia

A deeper look into Neymar's bizarre earnings in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia seems to be manifesting itself more and more as a Walhalla for football fans. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo joined Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia in December last year and many stars have followed him in this transfer window. Brazil star Neymar Jr has burst into the spotlight this summer following his transfer to the sandbox. The Brazilian can prepare for big oil money but what exactly are Neymar’s salary and benefits at his new club?

Neymar’s mega salary

The winger has signed a two-year deal with Riyadh’s Al-Hilal. The transfer fee is almost 100 million euros. In the current football world, that amount is no longer a surprise but Neymar’s win in Saudi Arabia is just bizarre.

In 2 years, Neymar will earn no less than 160 million euros in salary in total. Converted, that means that no matter what he is doing, he collects 2.54 euros per second.

The unprecedented earnings in Saudi Arabia have prompted many players to move to the Saudi Professional League this summer. Other stars such as Karim Benzema, Sadio Mane and N’Golo Kante are now big earners in Saudi Arabia.

Neymar’s massive salary is comparable to that of MrBeast, the world’s largest YouTuber with 177 million subscribers. This morning you could read that the American YouTube icon allegedly earned 110 million euros last year.

Amazing extras

However, Neymar also enjoys huge bonuses and impressive benefits at Al-Hilal. According to Pubity Sport, Neymar will receive a bonus of €80,000 for every match won and a whopping €500,000 for every social media post or story promoting Saudi Arabia. Of course, that adds up very quickly.

He also has his own 24-hour private jet and is the proud owner of a huge staffed mansion thanks to the successful Saudi football club.

The lucrative move to Saudi Arabia allows Neymar to live an unprecedented life of luxury. Big money is attracting more and more great footballers and it will therefore be interesting to see how this develops in the future.

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