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A debut champion

A debut champion

Valencia Basket has only nine years of history, but this Sunday they won their first League. It was about time. Its two predecessors, Ros Casares and Godella, became two giants that managed to conquer the Euroleague and finished with eight and six leagues, respectively. And the gap they left in the capital of Turia has already been covered.


69 – Perfumery Avenue (26+18+15+10): Cazorla (4), Vilaró (3), Carleton (11) Prince (12) and Reisingerova (6) -starting five- Silvia Domínguez (14), Fasoula (12), Leo Rodríguez (7) and Gulbe.

81 – Valencia Basket (16+19+22+24): Romero (2), Casas (9), Burdick (2), Carrera (20) and Cox (13) -starting five- Torrens (7), Thiam (0), Gulich (9), Buenavida (6), Salvadores, Ouvina (13).

Referees: Zafra, Morales and Olivares. Eliminated by five Carleton personal, by Perfumerías Avenida.

Valencia, brand new league champion, was created in 2014 after incorporating the Ros Casares quarry, team that disappeared in 2012 after throwing the house out the window (with Maya Moore, Lauren Jackson, Sancho Lyttle… their team had a bigger budget than several ACB clubs) to be crowned European champion. She was promoted to the Women’s League 2 in 2016 and two years later she joined LF Endesa. In his first season he qualified for the Cup, in the second he also qualified for the playoff and in his fourth, in the midst of a pandemic, he won his first title, the Eurocup. With a team that sometimes looks more like the Spanish National Team (Alba Torrens, Cristina Ouviña, Leti Romero, Queralt Casas, Raquel Carrera, Ángela Salvadores…), Valencia managed this Sunday in Salamanca to overcome the precedents (He had only won in one of his nine visits to Salamanca and his balance was 5-15 with the charro team) and resolve the final on the fast track: 2-0 after 68-81.

The Avenida took the initiative at first. Cox made it 2-4 and despite the efforts of Raquel Carrera, the best of Valencia (20 points), Pepe Vázquez’s team picked up a run and closed the first quarter already ten up (26-16), pressing behind and with a good shooting card (8/11). Valencia, who had paid for their mistakes (6 losses), managed to return to the game with a 0-9 run after a three-pointer from Ouviña (28-25, min. 15). Avenida played sparks and soon recovered the difference of ten (42-31, min. 19). What’s more, five points in a row from Silvia Domínguez put +14 for the locals recently released the third round (51-37), but the irruption of Alba Torrens (7 points in this quarter) revolutionized the game.

Cox, with two free throws, managed to bring Valencia to just two points (59-57) with a quarter to play and Queralt Casas, with a triple, put Valencia ahead (59-60, min. 31) for the first time since that 2-4. And if the first push in this second half had been given by a veteran like Alba Torrens, the second carried the signature of a promise. Elena Buenavida (+16 with her on court), all self-confident at 19 years old, she scored a triple and a free kick to distance Valencia (61-66). And it also caused Carleton’s fifth, who had just scored from three. That was the beginning of the end for Avenida, which closed a season without titles (neither Cup nor League) for the first time in 13 years. (since 2009-10) after conceding a final run of 10-24. Times change with the premiere of a new champion.

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