A crack from FC Barcelona does not want Messi: he is Xavi’s protégé

The formula of the Catalan team to manage the return of its legend remains the same, sell and sell. But in that order of ideas, there is a player who would contribute a lot with the sale of him, but he does not want to move.

No matter how many formulas Joan Laporta tries to come up with for Lionel Messi to return to FC Barcelona, ​​he will always come up with the same formula, to sell. There is no other way for the culé set in order to return the Argentine legend, without incurring financial fairplay. It is obvious that they must lighten the salary mass, and that can only be done with the departure of several players.

The sports management made some calculations, and they determined that with the sale of only 1 player, it will be enough for the return of Messi. The problem is that it is one of the favorite attackers of Xaviand that is where they crash into the first dilemma. Even so, the culé president insists that first things first, that is, La Pulga.

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Laporta and Alemany believe that the sale of Raphinha will greatly help the return of Messi.

Raphinha is reluctant to leave FC Barcelona, ​​even if it is to make Messi’s return a reality

The player who has been chosen by the sports management as a sacrifice so that the Argentine attacker is back at the Camp Nou, is the Brazilian Raphinha. For a long time there has been talk of the sale of the carioca, but now that the summer market is approaching, his coach does not agree with this operation. The coach sees it as uncovering a hole to cover another.

If Xavi disagrees with the departure of Rapnhina, then the same player even more so, since he said he had no plans to leave Barcelona. Seen in a good or bad way, the Brazilian winger is the main obstacle for Messi to return and dress again as a Barça player. A dilemma that they will have to solve as soon as possible.

Xavi suggests other FC Barcelona players as a sacrifice for the return of Messi

On the Egarense coach’s agenda there are many names that can serve as an object of sale to reduce the salary mass. The name of the Rio de Janeiro attacker obviously does not appear on that list, but that of Eric García, Pablo Torre, Franck Kessié, Ansu Fati and Ferran Torres. With the sale of 1 or 2 of these players, the big financial problem could be solved.

Joan Laporta and Mateu Alemany insist that Rapnhina be the one who has to leave the FC Barcelona squad. But Xavi and Deco are defenders of the Brazilian’s stay at the Camp Nou. Someone must leave the culé team soon, before Lionel Messi’s entourage begins to negotiate with soccer in Saudi Arabia or the United States.

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