A cooking workshop and a delivery van: This is how Khalife escaped from Wandsworth Prison in west London

At 7:50 am They were activated on Wednesday afternoon the alarms from prison of Wandsworth, in south London when he discovered a prisoner was “missing”. The prison informed the Metropolitan Police and they blocked all access to search for the fugitive. Daniel Abed Khalifea 21-year-old former British soldier accused of leaving fake bombs at the base of the Royal Air Force in Strafford and to collect sensitive information to provide to IranHe escaped at 7:30 a.m. sat on the bottom crossbar of a grocery delivery truck. The vehicle and driver were then stopped and searched. But it was too late. Khalife had disappeared.

Officers saw some straps attached to the underside of the van, which were believed to have allowed the prisoner to escape without arousing suspicion. The van was checked by prison police before it left the building. They found no abnormality and allowed him to leave the premises. Also, unknowingly, to Khalife.

Faced with the risk that the former soldier could leave the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak this Thursday stepped up security at airports and ports, including Dover, which remained temporarily closed during the day.

Ashamed, the government wonders how Khalife escaped Wandsworth. But the British still have many more questions to answer. To this end, the British Attorney General Alex chalk, announced it would appoint an outside expert to conduct a thorough investigation into the level of security at this 19th-century prison. During the investigation it will be necessary to explain why a prisoner accused of terrorism was placed in a category B prison. instead of a category A, maximum security. It is also not known that this former British Army man, who was denied parole because of the risk of absconding and was awaiting trial, was granted access to the kitchen workshops reserved for less dangerous prisoners.

While the search and capture operation for the former British soldier continued this Thursday, a broader review of the categorization was ordered. of the 1,300 inmates at Wandsworth Prison, to make sure it’s the right place for them. A list of prison staff who were on duty at the prison on Wednesday, particularly in the kitchens and security doors, was also requested. Chalk assured yesterday that all security posts were covered during Khalife’s escape. The Prison Service has also been asked to carry out a similar assessment of the classification of the more than 200 terrorist prisoners serving sentences in prisons in England and Wales.

Ian Acheson, a former prison governor who was head of security at Wandsworth in the 1990s, told the BBC yesterday that Khalife’s escape was a disaster “catastrophic failure”. He revealed that recent reports from prison are alarming because the abandonment of facilities that are infested with pests and that there is a high Absenteeism rate. Wandsworth Prison was already the protagonist of one of the country’s largest escapes in 1965, that of Ronnie BiggsThief known for robbing the Glasgow-London mail train.

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