A company wrongly gave you an employee’s salary in Hungary

An employee in Hungary got a big surprise after the company he worked for mistakenly credited him with 367 times his salary in a single payment.

Everything was recorded when this man was paid around 92,549 euros instead of the 92,549 Hungarian forints (local currency) he had as a salary.

Curiously, this man was only working for a probationary period; A stroke of luck allowed him to receive a large sum of money, as if he had worked for several years.

The company quickly realized the mistake and contacted them asking for a refund, but the worker refused.

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According to the versions, the man argued that he no longer had access to his account due to his Austrian origin. In addition, he had given this number to his employer when he was hired so that he could deposit his salary in euros.

Faced with this situation, the Somogy County Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation and assured that the man had withdrawn a large amount of money from an ATM in the town of Kaposvár and transferred it to another bank account.

The Hungarian company made a mistake by giving one floor to an employee. Photo: Freepik

The Hungarian portal Hvg reported that the employee’s salary for his probationary period was supposed to be around 240 euros; However, the confusion arose because the corresponding amount was not converted into the local currency.

In this way, the authorities blocked the account and were able to recover part of the amount. Now the employee is to pay back around 72,000 euros that he still has in his account in the coming months.

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The case quickly went viral and drew thousands of comments across the networks. The truth is that the worker now faces a legal problem for the offenses of illegal appropriation of resources, for which he would have to pay a fine of thousands of euros.

What would you do if you were mistakenly given a much higher salary?

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