Home Sports A Colombian sprint on the eve of Tourmalet

A Colombian sprint on the eve of Tourmalet

A Colombian sprint on the eve of Tourmalet

This Friday is a big day the return: goes until His Majesty the Tourmaletthe most important port in the history of cycling, a tour classic which debuts in the balance sheet of the Spanish round. This challenging excursion in the French Pyreneeswhich includes the climbs to Aubisque and Spandelles, rises like the royal stage In this edition, a crucial route that will increase its toughness the next day with the climb to another, lesser-known colossus of the mountain range: Larrau. The sum of both should clearly clarify the general classification, as there is no third week that also has hotspots: Angliru, Cruz de Linares and the Sierra de Guadarrama.

After Laziness in some phaseslike that Sheep climb to Laguna Negra either the unjustified cut of MontjuïcThere is a desire for these crucial journeys to arrive now, when it is very difficult to hide. The Vuelta 2023 presents such an outstanding turnout that it doesn’t deserve this continued reluctance. It is the roosters themselves who determine the day of battle, as they have done throughout history the hectic day of Javalambrethat not everything in this competition was apathy. The Jumbo Leaderswho have advanced from bicephaly to tricephaly with the solidity of the Red jersey, Sepp Kusshas a chance to aim a robust Remco Evenepoel, with less equipment than their competitors, but with equal or greater strength. Three Spaniards, Juan Ayuso, Enric Mas and Marc Soler, They also look for good game in the surf.

The leaders have been in active rest for two days, so they have few excuses to put on a show unless they come up with a new plan. The only one who continued on the way to Zaragoza was Primoz Roglic, who caught four seconds in the intermediate sprint in Villanueva de Gállegothat they place 1:32 of his partner’s kiss already 23 seconds ahead of his opponent Evenepoel. Another bite.

From this flying target, The Zaragoza script was as planned. was A Escape to nowherewith the two invited Spanish teams, Burgos and Caja Rural, who showed their eternal gratitude with this impossible adventure. On the one hand, Jetse Bol, veteran in these fights in his sixth Vuelta, and Abel Balderstone, debutant. Alpecin controlled at all times the daring of the two dreamers in search of Kaden Groves’ third winwhich didn’t happen. Juan Sebastián Molano, brilliantly brought to life by Rui Oliveira, surprised the Australian sprinter. The victory that had eluded him through a sigh in Tarragona was this time thrown into his pocket.

Molano’s triumph This also includes an injection of Morale for the UAE teamone of the strongest teams in the peloton, which has three cyclists in the top 8, a trident not content with witnessing the Jumbo-Evenepoel duel: Marc Soler, 26 seconds behind the leader; Joao Almeida, the most covered rooster, at 2:16; And Juan Ayuso, recovering from its decline at 2:25 a.m. Wednesday. The man from Alicante’s face lights up the word tourmalet, the port he traveled to as a child to applaud the tour. This Friday they will applaud him.

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