A coffee with Nasser

There were no pictures for us, we had already seen enough (and not pleasant) during the morning. First with Barreda and later with a Carlos Sainz who, like the man from Castellón, said goodbye to the Dakar after a rollover that did not affect the final result, but did affect morale. The Audi driver said goodbye to him while Al Attiyah completed his own career without complicating his life, to continue walking towards a new Touareg. The day ended for the Qatari with a job well done, he carried out all his routines after getting out of the car and finished sharing time around a bonfire with a reduced group of the Spanish press that was later joined by some Argentines.

We discovered the closest version of a pilot that changes completely once the helmet is removed. He was the last to come, but at no time did he neglect all the guests who were waiting for him for a talk that started off being relaxed. Later there was time to turn on the recorder, but in between we tried a coffee that despite having been made in the desert would expose more than one cafeteria. We accompany the drink with some dates covered in that peanut butter that I miss so much during breakfast and we learned that these should always be consumed in an odd way. Custom. And laughter, during the end of a day where Nasser did not hide his tiredness, he wore an Argentina national team shirt and left to rest. It was a good day.

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