A Chinese blogger reveals that the US Treasury Secretary ate hallucinogenic mushrooms at a restaurant in Beijing

United States Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellenate hallucinogenic mushrooms at a Beijing restaurant during his recent trip to appeal government positions Chinarevealed the senior official in an interview with CNN.

“I went with a large group of people organizing dinner and ordering food. There was a delicious dish with mushrooms. I didn’t know these mushrooms had hallucinogenic properties. I found that out later,” the 77-year-old secretary revealed with a laugh.

Yellen explained that, however None of the guests felt psychedelic “highs”: “I’ve found that these mushrooms don’t have any effect at all if they’re well cooked, and I’m sure that’s the case because it’s a very good restaurant,” she added.

The US Treasury Secretary’s dinner then went viral on social media A Chinese blogger revealed that he saw her eating with a group of people at Yi Zuo Yi Wang restaurant in Beijing.

The company confirmed that Yellen was their customer and that The group he ate dinner with ordered four Yunnan-style mushroom dishesin southern China.

The secretary was in Beijing in early July as part of the administration’s strategy President Joe Biden build stable channels of communication with China that avoid direct conflict between the two powers.

During the stay, Yellen claimed that the competition between the US and China had to be “according to certain rules” in order for the two countries to benefit.

The Treasury Secretary was in China a month after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited China to meet with the Asian country’s president in Beijing. Xi Jinping.

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