A child deposits his own book in the library and becomes a star

Aged only 8 years old, Dillon Helbig does not lack imagination. The young American wrote an 88-page illustrated tale entitled Dillon Helbig’s Christmas Adventures by Himself. The story of this book, straight out of his imagination, evokes a return in time after the explosion of a star installed at the top of his Christmas tree. But due to his young age, the child could not be officially released, reports the HuffPost.

In his desire to share his work with as many people as possible, he then left to deposit it himself at the municipal library of the city of Boise, in Idaho in the United States. He managed to place it with the greatest discretion on a shelf. “I had to sneak past the librarians,” he said.

A year of waiting to borrow his book

It was only two days later that he explained everything to his mother. The latter then decided to go to the library without delay in order to recover the work of her son before it was thrown away. Fortunately, the department manager found that it was “far too special an object for us to imagine getting rid of it”, as he confided to the washington post.

Finally, the library, in agreement with the parents of the young boy, decided to put a barcode on this book so that it could be borrowed. Faced with the success of this story, the waiting list has lengthened and it is now necessary to wait at least a year before being able to hope to borrow the book. Publishing houses have also positioned themselves to publish this story.

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