A chicken importer is awarded RD$99 million in bread and cookies for school breakfast at INABIE, says UMPIH

The Union of Medium and Small Industrialists of Flour, (UMPIH), through its council, presented to the media various situations in the bread and biscuit processes at the National Institute of Student Welfare (INABIE), such as unfair disqualifications and adjudications disproportionate, without taking into consideration the award criteria or the regulatory framework of Law 340-06, on public procurement and contracting.

Issachart Burgos, president of UMPIH, said that in the bread and biscuit processes there have been four affectations which encompass the majority of the participating bidders, and they are clearly violations of the regulatory framework.

He listed some of the most recurrent situations with the flour manufacturers, being an impediment to the deposit of a physical offer, authorized without awarding, alleged miscalculation of ITBIS, and non-conformities in expert visits.

Flour industrialists highlighted that the situations have affected more than 20% of bread and biscuit suppliers, endangering the continuity of the process, or the quality of the service provided.

They assure that some bidders were prevented from submitting a physical offer even though they had a certification of technical failures granted by the General Directorate of Public Procurement (DGCP).

The UMPIH Council also stated that some bidders were enabled without ration allocation. According to the award criteria established in the specifications Section IV Award 4.1 Award Criteria. All qualified bidders will be awarded with at least one lot.



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