A Chechen radicalized wanting to attack Mila arrested then released by justice

RAID police arrested last week a radicalized 17-year-old Chechen who was organizing, via social media, an action to attack Mila, the target of countless Internet death threats for many years. About Islam.

Spotted by the services of the judicial police in Reims, after the opening of an investigation last July, the young Islamist enjoys the status of political refugee, like the rest of his family, who arrived in France in 2013. He was arrested. on August 31, at their home in Langres (Haute-Marne).

Investigators discovered that he “called for a smart plan to be implemented against Mila,” a source familiar with the matter told News17. They also noted that he was broadcasting Daesh propaganda videos and that he had even come into contact with jihadists present in Iraq or Syria. He exchanged regularly with them.

Left free despite a disturbing profile

A particularly disturbing portrait, reinforced by the discovery at his home of jewelry in the image of Daesh or religious books. Placed in custody, he was then questioned but refused to talk about his project against Mila and his proximity to Islamist and jihadist ideology, our colleagues say.

Despite his profile and his indictment for apologizing for terrorism, justice considered that imprisonment was not necessary. He was left free under judicial supervision.

Mila seems to have reacted to this decision, by posting a message on Twitter in which she said: “Justice leaves an avenue for terrorist acts. Refuse the #PassTerrorisme ”.

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