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A case of suicide of 11 people from the same house which shook India

A case of suicide of 11 people from the same house which shook India

New Delhi: It was a normal morning in Barari, Sant Nagar area of ​​Indian capital New Delhi. People used to get up in the morning and go to work. The dairy shop in the neighborhood was still closed. Were gone

An elderly man from the neighborhood tried to knock on the door of the shop owner, whose house was located nearby, but the door was open. He opened the door and went to the floor where the Bhatia family lived, and there was a shocking sight. Was waiting for

The whole family of Pura was hanging from the roof netting with dupats. All the people committed mass suicide, within just half an hour the breaking news was running on all the channels and there was a crowd of people who had gathered in the area.

The American video streaming platform Netflix has made a documentary on this horrific incident which is causing fear and thrill to the viewers.

The name of the documentary made on this horrible incident that took place on July 1, 2018The House of Secrets of the Deathly Hallows There have been shocking revelations about the incident.



The 11 people who were found dead in their house had cotton in their ears, cloth over their eyes and tape over their mouths while their hands and feet were tied with wire. The eldest member of the family was in the same condition next to his bed, the dead included 7 women and 4 men, including two teenage boys.

Police initially learned that there were no signs of anyone breaking into the house, poisoning or any untoward incident, but the way their hands and feet were tied gave the impression that it belonged to a killer. Of course, other family members also demanded that the police investigate his murder.

The series shows conversations with other family members, friends and neighbors about how the family was living happily, their business was growing and there was apparently no reason for anyone in the family to commit suicide. Think about The new generation was highly educated, while a few days ago a girl was engaged to the house and the marriage was arranged two weeks later.

Police later found 11 diaries from the house, which began to unravel the case, these 11 diaries were written during the last 10 years.

The last pages of the 2018 diary contained the full story of the suicide that shocked everyone. According to the diary, a formal plan was made for the suicide, the details of which were recorded.

According to a report later compiled by the police and other investigating agencies, the youngest son of the family, Lalit Bhatia, was responsible for the incident.

Lalit suffered a head injury in a bike accident in his early teens, in which he was hospitalized for several days, after which his mental state changed.

Many years later he had another accident, a quarrel with the owners of the shop where he worked and he was tortured and locked in a room, not to mention the room was set on fire. Where Lalit was unconscious. After regaining consciousness, Lalit somehow called his elder brother and informed him and thus his life was saved.

The incident had a profound effect on Lalit’s brain, he suffered severe trauma and his speech was paralyzed. He later regained his eloquence, which his family described as the result of their constant worship.

According to the diaries, shortly after that, Lalit started saying that the soul of her late father came into her and talked to her, all the family members believed her.

According to psychologists, Lalit was suffering from a mental illness called psychosis as a result of the trauma he was going through after the attack on himself. And the functioning of the mind is greatly affected.

Psychologists said that if attention had been paid to the mental treatment along with the physical treatment of Lalit on this occasion, the family would still be alive today.

The instructions in the voices heard by Lalit were being noted in diaries for the last 10 years and the whole family was following them blindly.

These guidelines included investment and business guidelines in various locations that were growing in the family business, so the whole family agreed that their late father passed on his instructions to them for the betterment of his family. Delivering and its source has been made Lalit.

The family was later told to commit suicide and that it would be an expiation for their sins. According to the diary, the whole family would hang themselves in the same way and then their father would arrive. And set them free.

Prior to the move, the family was also asked to perform a special puja for several days to wash away their sins. In addition to worshiping, family members also prepared to hang themselves, as evidenced by CCTV footage. The footage showed some family members bringing home stools and wires a few days before the incident.

Police say it would be better to call their deaths accidental because they did not intend to die. Will save, but it did not happen and all of them lost their lives.

According to experts, this horrific incident was the result of mental health disorders and is a testament to how devastating mental illness can be if it is not given proper attention and timely treatment.


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