A car runs over the athlete Marc Fernández in a cycling race

The athlete Marc Fernández has been the victim of the latest episode of cyclists being run over on Spanish roads. Fernández, 21, was run over while participating in the Els Ports cycling march that took place this Sunday.

The athlete Carles Castillejo denounced the run over by Marc Fernández on social networks and harshly criticized the driver who caused the accident. “Today in the Els Ports cycling race they took Marc Fernández ahead causing multiple facial breaks and leg damage. Right now we are awaiting TAC results to see any effects, but what is clear is that his sports career hangs by a thread. The fucking driver has fled without noticing anything. The organization of the ‘race’ refers to who knows what. My opinion: For the driver: HDP, I hope life gives you back what you have done in reverse. For the race: cyclists are vulnerable.”

This Monday Castillejo himself wanted to reassure himself about the state of Marc Fernández after he was treated at the hospital and assured that the police have already located the car that caused the accident. “Marc Fernández is fine. He has several injuries / breaks to his face but luckily no fractures to his legs and spine. The police have the license plate of the car with which he had the accident. Let’s hope that justice does what it pertoca. Thanks for the shows of support.”

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