A capital disappointment the failure of the Dominican team

Sadness and disappointment caused thousands of fans the disqualification in the first round of a team from the Dominican Republic that was considered by all as a safe member of the next phase in Group D.

A few minutes after the outcome was known, the party began on the outskirts of the Loan Depot Park on the one hand between the lovers of Puerto Rico and the lamentations and silence on the other side, whose euphoria of thousands of partial Quisqueyans was completely vanished. before this new disaster of the Dominican establishment.

The Dominican manager, Rodney Linares, took the blame for the failure of a Dominican team, which was full of talent, most of them with good Major League status, since they only had Gary Sánchez and Robinson Canó as the only ones who did not have a job with any league team. Elderly.

“As manager I assume responsibility for everything that happened, I have no excuses, we didn’t have many opportunities to score runs,” Linares said.

In the same way, Rolando Guante, a journalist with extensive experience and who has participated in many similar events, said that the team was not able to hit against the two teams that were considered the strong points of the group, such as Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

And the diligent communicator was referring to the fact that the Dominicans barely scored three rounds, hit a dozen hits against those two teams, whose pitching applied 26 strikeouts.

“I believe that situational hitting was completely absent in those two games, even a turn by Manny Machado with the bases loaded without out was a painful event that frustrated the team’s aspirations,” said the well-versed communicator.

Glove also referred to the fact of having so many players with stellar status around the shortstop and the intermediate made the situation even more complicated in a contest as short as the World Classic.

As a total failure, said Américo Celado, president of the Association of Sports Writers of Santo Domingo, the outcome occurred with the team. “This team was not even remotely predicted to go out in the first round and look what happened,” Celado says.

“For me this was a team that was poorly structured, for me what starts badly ends in the same way and I understand that this was what happened with the group,” he says.

For his part, Frank Camilo, CDN Sports Editor, pointed out that the almost total number of star players was a factor against it. “I think you had to bring in several role players.


Fans regret outcome

At the end of the clash, several fans were consulted by Listín Diario and they became saddened by what had happened. “This is something similar to 2009, although the two teams we lost to have a great level, but only one of the two of us should have won,” said Humberto Fernández, a man of almost 60 years.

While a married couple, Claudio and Brígida were distressed by what happened. Both drove from Jupiter and attended three of the four team games.

A young man named Moisés says that his first World Classic experience was disastrous. “It was chaotic this day in which he participated,” said the 18-year-old.

As happened in 2009, the Dominicans were already in ‘shock’ at the outcome of the Dominicans.

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