In Canada, a deputy sitting since 2021 in the House of Commons under the aegis of the Liberal Party is currently talking about him. On Friday, he logged into a parliamentary session… from a toilet.

According to a Conservative MP quoted by The GuardianShafqat Ali allegedly “placed his device on the edge of the wall just above the back of the toilet”.

His apologies were accepted

While some MPs were connected remotely to participate in this hybrid parliamentary session, it was Conservative Laila Goodridge who sounded the alarm. She told the House of Commons that a “legislator was possibly joining the meeting from a toilet”. Shafqat Ali has since apologized.

He spoke of a lack of judgment on his part. “I take this matter very seriously and I promise never to repeat this mistake again,” the lawmaker added. His apology was accepted by the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Chris d’Entremont. The latter also advised the deputies to deactivate their camera if they were not using it. Last year, MP Will Amos was seen naked in similar circumstances while changing during a parliamentary session.


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