A breather for the Mavs: Doncic knocks Curry down

There are things that can only be in another way and there are others, like the Mavericks, that seem doomed to be exclusively in one way. That is at least what a Jason Kidd thinks who refuses to change anything and whose response to criticism about the monotonous and flat game of his team It has been, precisely, to wear the only style in which he believes until the most absolute exhaustion. And that’s how the coin came up heads for one night, something that doesn’t have to prove him right: the Mavs beat the Warriors (116-113) in a game in which they ended up asking for the time but came to command by 17 points in a first quarter in which they came out like a shot (23-6 after 6 minutes). But in the end, a victory that makes one forget the four consecutive defeats that left the franchise below 50% (now, 10-10) after less than 20 games played, a very bad feeling after stepping on the Conference finals a few months ago. With defeat, precisely, against these Warriors (4-1).

Doncic had 41 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists … and that doesn’t have to be good news for the Mavericks. The overfunctioning of his star, used to exhaustion in a system of which he is an indispensable part and that exists by the work and grace of a Kidd who does not want to do anything elseIt is good as long as victories are added and the legs are fresh, but it founders when fatigue accumulates. The importance that Jalen Brunson had at his side is increasingly highlighted, with another generator whose best quality was occupying the area that was left free around the free throw line in the blocks that the quartermaster put constantly to Doncic. That profile no longer exists: Spencer Dinwiddie cannot play Doncic (or Brunson) because it is simply worse; and the triples, suddenly, do not enter like a few months ago in a season in which, let’s remember, the team worked at its maximum extensiona quality that cannot be displayed since, simply, we are not robots.

In the end, yes, victory: the Mavs, without shooting brilliantly from three (less than 35%) and behind on the scoreboard with less than 7 minutes remaining (103-104), they pulled on a courage that they do have and a star that they need too much to close the clash. With a 108-104 lead, Kuminga and Curry turned the light around again with two triples (108-110), but Hardaway, after a pass from Doncic, responded. Josh Green, a fantastic revulsive that Kidd likes a lot, converted with Doncic and the result, in fits and starts, was tightened with free throws for Dorian Finney-Smih (115-113). But he only scored one and left the Warriors alive: Klay Thompson, back to his old ways after a recovery contract (1 of 9 in field goals and 1 of 6 in triples) failed to force overtime and the locals breathed a sigh of relief . It was not be for lowerly.

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The Warriors, in fits and starts, couldn’t conquer Dallas, and even though Curry was determined to fool us into thinking it was possible: another great game, this time with 32 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, a nice duel with Doncic and almost 38 minutes on the court (for 39 for the Slovenian).. The Warriors, the obviousness of a better team than the Mavericks (by talent, roster, project, coach) despite the loss, create a great, very visible contrast: they have an identifiable game, but many more variables. Jason Kidd limits himself to giving the ball to Doncic so that he finishes, penetrates and enables the triple or reads the pick and roll like no one else in the League, but you already know what he is going to do and the predictability of a style that has been sustained in defense last year He has lost essential figures and cannot always rely on the heroics of a stellar Doncicbut who cannot score more than 40 points every night.

For Steve Kerr’s, Kuminga and Lamb (14 and 11) contributed from the bench, while Wiggins, Green and Looney reached double figures in the starting team, but the streak of three consecutive victories is cut and the record is again 50% (11-11). In the Mavs, Dinwiddie ended up expelled (and with 14 points, Hardaway had a good performance) and Josh Green contributed from the second unit (13). That yes, the one of Christian Wood, to which Kidd does not want but to which Doncic insists in looking for, continues being a farce from which the Mavs do not get out: 4 points and 8 rebounds in less than 26 minutes for him, with a new sitting in the final phase of the match. In the end, Jordan Poole pairings or a different Klay Thompson didn’t work against Doncic and the production of the Slovenian, enormous, was enough for the Mavs. But, either something changes, or the situation is untenable. We will see.

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