A boss closes his factory and takes his employees on vacation and shopping

Going on vacation, planning the route and the points to enjoy, are always an incentive. Who doesn’t like to enjoy some vacation? Much more exciting and fun is knowing that your boss is taking you on a tour and that it is all paid for. Don’t you think?

Although it seems like the plot of a movie, that your boss takes you on vacation, this happened in real life.

We are talking about a food entrepreneur named khairul amingwho decided to close his factory for five days, to be able to take his employees on vacation and also to go shopping.

It was through social networks, the businessman shared a video on May 21, where you can see his 60 employees enjoying the vacationThey enjoyed a five-star hotel and a private yacht.

A video shows the different activities that employees were able to do during those days, such as exploring caves, snorkeling, and what many people enjoy… shopping.

This week we closed the Sambal Nyet factory for 5 days to bring the 60 employees of vacation to Langkawi. We offer a 5 star hotel, jetski, cave exploration, snorkeling, private yacht to watch the sunset, and shopping money for those purchases. Alhamdulillah all the staff are happy,” the video post read.

The material, of course, went viral on social networks, and of course the comments from the users did not wait, as many of them applauded the great gesture of this businessman and applauded his actions.

The more the employer gives, the more the employer benefits. Win-win situation sharing livelihood.”

For many, “it’s great to have an employer like that.”

Comments abound. “A boss who has no luxuries for himself, but he always spends tens of thousands to lavishly entertain his own employees. Where else does he want to find employers like this in Malaysia?”

Businessman Khairul Aming was noted as a good boss who cares about the welfare of his employees.

This content is published with permission from ABC News


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