The technician gets tired of false promises from Singapore

Jose Bordalás could be studying your resignation irrevocable as technical Valencia CF. As in its day it happened with Marcelino Garcia Toral, his work from the bench is beyond doubt. But you feel cheated and cheated by peter lim, owner of Valencia CF.

First, because since last summer he was promised a face-to-face meeting with peter lim, without intermediaries. Alleging the pandemic, it has been postponed, but it is clear that if there had been real interest in arranging that meeting, it would have taken place in all this time.

Bordalás Objectives
The coach has been quite self-critical of his team’s performance throughout the season.

Bordalás very angry with Peter Lim

Then there is the transfer issue. Bordalás has assured for several weeks that the club has promised him that reinforcements will come. But those reinforcements still haven’t arrived and time is running out. A few days ago the coach’s historic split occurred, when he clearly said that if they wanted to grow as a club they had to sign. That the crisis shouldn’t be an excuse, and he set an example for FC Barcelona.

After cutting in public, the next step that the Valencia CF coach has taken is to remove himself from the planning. It has happened this week, in which the coach has distanced himself from any transfer plan and has put the club as responsible, and has even admitted not knowing anything about what is happening.

Resignation of Bordalás closer and closer

The anger is growing and can trigger the resignation of a Bordalás who is fed up. You feel cheated. And, what is worse, it is feared that it could still worsen the situation. Because Wass has asked the club to leave and Atlético is pressing for his signing. A player who is the undisputed starter for Bordalás.

If in addition to not receiving any signings, he finds that he loses key players, it would not be surprising if he takes those of Villadiego. Because there are two ways of taking things: Gracia’s conformity, or Marcelino’s anger. Bordalás is one of the latter, he kills himself to work and fulfills his part, it is normal that he demands that the other party also fulfills himself.


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