A Bolsonaro ally barricaded himself in his house and confronted the police with rifles and grenades

One week before the ballottagge in Brazil, former deputy Roberto Jefferson, leader of the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB) and ally of President Jair Bolsonaro, was arrested by the Federal Police after barricading himself in his home and confront the security forces with rifle shots and grenades, wounding two policemen. “I’m not going to give myself up, it’s absurd, I’m a victim of tyranny and I’m going to confront them,” Jefferson posted in videos on his Twitter account during the hours in which he remained barricaded in his house in Levy Gasparian, in the mountainous region of the interior of Rio de Janeiro.

Jefferson received an arrest warrant from Judge Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (Supreme Court) and head of the Electoral Court, after breaking the conditions that kept him in house arrest. In August 2021, the former deputy was sentenced by Moraes as part of a criminal organization that sought to attack democracy, calling on the population and the military to stage a coup and sweep the Supreme Court.

Judge Moraes granted him house arrest on the condition that Jefferson stay out of public pronouncements and from activity on social networks with messages that will continue to endanger democracy. Nevertheless, Bolsonaro’s ally published messages in which he called STF judge Carmen Lucia Antunes a “whore” and “dragged”for the condemnation of the far-right news channel Jovem Pan for the publication of fake news about the PT candidate Lula Da Silva.

Jefferson tried to present himself as a PTB candidate for the elections, but his candidacy was rejected by the Electoral Court for being politically disqualified due to a conviction. The politician was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2013 for admitting, as an informer, that he benefited from a network of corruption within the framework of the case known as Mensalao, a scandal that rocked the Lula government in 2005, who was also an ally.

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Luna’s reaction

“Not only did he exchange shots but he threw a grenade, I was told; We have never seen such an aberration in a campaign, this cretinous thing that my adversary established, created a part of society that is angry, hateful, lying and spreading fake news,” Lula pointed out at a press conference about Jefferson and his quality as an ally of Bolsonaro, whom the former president will face in the second round next Sunday.

Bolsonaro seeks to detach himself

For its part, Bolsonaro tried to detach himself from his ally and called him a “criminal” for having confronted the Federal Police. On social networks, the president tried to talk about Jefferson as a stranger, but photos of the two embracing quickly began to be published and Bolsonaro’s gesture of sending his Justice Minister, Anderson Torres, to mediate his delivery was highlighted. .

Bolsonaro cannot deny his closeness to the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB) either. since Father Kelmon, candidate for president of that force in the first electoral round, is supporting the current president for the ballot tagge and campaigning together with the first lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

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