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A blow to UD Las Palmas with a key loss for García Pimienta

Hard scenario for the coach who has to play it with his own in the midst of a vital challenge for his aspirations

The UD Las Palmas is measured against Cartagena in one more day of this exciting Smartbank League. But it will not be just another game, based on the complexities it provides since it accumulates an additional loss that at least for Garcia Pepper it is complex given the massive degree of players on the nursing list.

Is about Fabio Gonzalez, the Ingenio midfielder who was a substitute in the first game led by the new strategist. His medical opinion says that he has suffered a sprained ankle that must be taken care of with special attention to avoid complicating the picture. From the outset, he takes him out of the call and puts a noose around the project manager’s neck.

García Pimienta and his first challenge after having positioned himself as coach of UD Las Palmas

Raising your head for UD Las Palmas against Cartagena is the most important thing on García Pimienta’s mind right now

Although a seal of distinction could already be seen in the last game played by the team, it is quite evident that this project is in an embryonic stage. Not having this type of players limits the tactical variants a bit. But the inventiveness of an experienced player and the quality of the aforementioned emerges.

The complicated part comes from the side of the rival, who in recent days has raised his level and has become a complex rival from every point of view. In fact, that seventh position and one game less allows him to win to get to the fifth box and ensure a momentary place in the classifieds.

Other casualties already confirmed enlarge the coach’s tactical gap

The measure of removing him from the summoned list is added to Pejiño and Saúl Coco; the latter that beyond having returned to activity still remains to be at its best. Ale García will not be available either and with those tools the coach bases that momentary option on this point.

Fortunately, he has recovered Adalberto Peñaranda who provides him with options in attack, being able to play close to one of the bands or floating between the lines. A vital match for the Gran Canaria team, who, if they win, reach the rival’s line and catch on in that fight for promotion.

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