Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has announced a new international policy in a major step to further improve air travel.

According to Arab News, Saudi Arabia has announced a new global air travel policy to further improve the process of international air travel at the Future Aviation Forum to be held in Riyadh on May 9.

The policy, developed by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GACA), is temporarily called the Harmonizing Air Travel Policy, which is coordinated with the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

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The President of the General Authority for Civil Aviation, Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Dawilj, has said that the new policy on air travel will lead to further development in this field in the coming years.

The new policy will be formally tabled in the General Assembly of the 41st International Civil Aviation Organization, which will then be presented for approval by the member states.

According to the report, this new framework will facilitate international travel, while at present millions of people are discouraged from booking their flights due to confusion about travel requirements.

A recent study by You Gov, an international British public opinion firm, found that a significant number of international travelers these days are confused about health information, and this makes them reluctant to travel abroad. It is also discouraging.