A big announcement was made in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Saudi Arabian tourism company TRSDC has announced the finalization of agreements to run tourism projects with renewable energy.

According to Arab media reports, the tourism company says it has finalized a 25-year renewable energy project agreement with a consortium led by the Saudi Aqua Power Company.

The TRSDC said that the world’s largest tourism project would be run entirely with renewable energy, with the agencies involved in the project providing support.

The company said the relevant initial assets will be delivered by December 2022 and the balance will be online during 2023, which will provide about 407 MW of solar PV power generation capacity for Phase I.

The Saudi company said the power generation assets would include the world’s largest battery storage facility at 1,000 megawatts per hour.

The tourism company added that it would save at least half a million tons of carbon dioxide each year.


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