A beautiful view of the moon and the planet Venus from the human eye

In most of the countries of the world, including Pakistan, an interesting sight of the moon and the planet Venus has been seen on the sky.

The beautiful sight of Moon and Venus coming closer was seen in different parts of the world including Pakistan, he said on Twitter
continues the trend with users continuing to comment on the eye-catching sight in their own way.

According to astronomers, Venus is usually seen near the Sun, after sunset or shortly before sunrise, the light of Venus is the brightest, hence it is also called the morning or evening star.

This is why Venus is called the second brightest planet in the night sky after the Moon because of its
Light can create shadows.

This is the second event in two months, earlier on February 25, the beautiful view of Moon, Jupiter and Venus was seen by human eye in different countries of the world.

Social media users have seen the astronomical scene and shared it on their social accounts, tweeted Ertugrul’s famous character (Turgat).


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