A bald eagle incubates its eggs despite being practically buried in snow.

A bald eagle incubates its eggs under the snow during severe winter storms that hit the US state.

Incredibly, amidst severe storms in the northern US state of Minnesota, a bald eagle was seen trying to keep its eggs warm, half buried under a mound of snow.

As you can see in a video, captured For a camera managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DRM), the bird is practically buried in the snow, only the head is exposed while the body is completely covered. Later, he manages to get rid of the snow and settles down to continue his task.

Is Ice Beneficial for the Bald Eagle’s Nest?

Despite the concerns of some people who watched the moment live, the DRM explained that this thick layer of snow is beneficial for the nests and the incubation process. “Nature provides a warm blanket for pregnant eagles,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, the storm continues and the female should lay a third egg in the next few days, as these birds incubate two or three days apart. Likewise, it is possible that between 34 and 39 days the chicks can already be seen in the nest.

DRM records the nest of a couple of eagles 10 years ago and broadcasts it live through its website.


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