A baby was swept away by a tornado and found alive in a tree

A four-month-old baby surprisingly survived after being swept away by a tornado in the US.

Little Lord Moore will have a completely unique survival anecdote for the rest of his life.

Everything was recorded when a strong tornado hit the Clarksville, Tennessee area on December 9th, surprising residents.

Sydney Moore was resting her four-month-old baby when the tornado ripped the roof off her home and carried Lord away.

The baby was swallowed by strong winds with speeds of more than 200 kilometers per hour, destroying everything in its path.

This family experienced moments of fear when this tornado reached their home. Sydney’s boyfriend, Aramis Youngblood, tried to protect the baby by jumping onto the crib; while doing the same to protect her other one-year-old son, Princeton.

Despite the courageous action, both were severely swept away by the tornado and everyone began to think the worst.

“In the front bedroom, Aramis was with Lord and the ceiling fell down and swept them away. “The nativity scene was the first thing to disappear,” he told ABC News.

There were agonizing minutes for what was happening, but this 39-year-old man decided to look for the baby among the rubble.

The baby was found in a tree

Surprisingly, Aramis managed to find the little gentleman crying in a tree that had fallen near his former home.

This man’s only priority was to look for the baby, but at that moment he didn’t realize he had a broken arm.

“I thought he was dead. “I was sure he was dead and we wouldn’t find him… He’s here and that’s the grace of God,” Sydney told the BBC.

The 22-year-old mother revealed that her son was wrapped in the tree as if he was in a cradle. That’s why she believes that it was actually an “angel” who saved her baby in the middle of that tornado and brought him safely to that place.

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Little Lord suffered a head injury and had to be examined by doctors. The rest of his family also suffered some scratches and bruises after being badly hit by this tornado.

“I could tell he was still breathing, but he was covered in mud and had cuts on the right side of his face,” said Steven Bryant, the fire lieutenant who carried the baby to the ambulance.

This American family, like dozens of others, lost everything to the effects of this natural phenomenon. Authorities reported the deaths of at least six people and the complete destruction of hundreds of homes by this tornado in Tennessee.

Given the complex situation they find themselves in, Sydney’s sister Caitlyn Moore decided to start a fundraising campaign through the GoFundMe platform.

“The money would be used to buy a new house, furniture, a vehicle, insurance and all other basic needs for the babies,” the woman said.

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