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A 6-year-old girl is rescued from a dog cage, malnourished, sore and hypothermic

A 6-year-old girl is rescued from a dog cage, malnourished, sore and hypothermic

It seems that human evil knows no limits, but from time to time a case appears on the front page of newspapers that shocks society due to the special gravity and cruelty of events. is the case of Jacob William Weight37 years old, and Mimi Ann Frost33 who were arrested Pennsylvania for the cruel mistreatment of his six-year-old daughter.

The complaint was filed by health workers last January 7th, when they went to the matrimonial home to care for a minor who had fainted. The parents did not allow medical professionals into the house, but the conditions in which the girl was found raised all alarms. The minor was taken to Uniontown Hospital. with a body full of wounds, naked, malnourished, with sepsis (a chain infection throughout the body) and with Hypothermia. The victim’s teeth were also cracked and rotten

On a district patrol Brownsville When he showed up at the house, they didn’t expect to find a house of horrors. Dog poop on the floor, trash everywhere, urine, a strong smell… Inside were William and Mimi with their five children. In the middle of the room was the prison of the admitted girl: a dog cage where they locked her up every night, bound her hands and feet and beat her.

According to one of the couple’s children, his parents They locked her sister up at night and beat her with a broom. According to him, the trigger for everything was when his sister started having seizures and fainted while trying to bathe her, forcing his parents to call emergency services.

The Fayette County District Attorney, Mike Aubele, He was shocked by the situation and said that “she was tortured in that house, for lack of a better way to put it.” Of the six children living in the house, only the six-year-old was abused and tortured. Four of the children are the couple’s children and one is the couple’s nephew, Aubele explained. The minor He had never received pediatric care and had not attended school.

The nephew told police the mother tied the girl’s hands and feet and refused to wash them. Another child said the couple left the girl locked up naked and without food and told her she had to eat her own garbage under the threat that she would be punished if she tried to run away to get food.

As Aubele explained, there was evidence that some of the children living in the house were involved in the abuse. The house they were renting in was described as “a crazy house.” 10 pit bull dogs and a cat, all also malnourished.

But the torture inflicted on the girl went far beyond what her brothers and cousin described. This was confirmed by the girl, who is under the supervision of a therapist They forced her to sleep in the cage and eat dog food. Regarding the abuse and torture she suffered, she stated that her father often beat her He even shot him with an air gun. in the legs.

“The report states multiple times that she could have died as a result of this egregious abuse and neglect and that if she returns to her current environment, she will most likely die as a result of this abuse and neglect,” authorities said .

Despite the evidence, her father denied the facts and told the media after his arrest: “I am innocent. That’s all. I never locked my daughter in a cage.”

The owner of the house, Tim ColeHe was shocked at the news of what had happened and described the girl as the “black sheep” of the family: “They have always treated her differently, but I never imagined that behind closed doors they were mistreating her and subjecting her to all sorts of abuse could.” .” .

Since the parents’ arrest, Cole has been looking after the dogs, who run around the house and destroy everything in their path.

Cole noticed the couple’s seven dogs running around the house alone. “My house has disappeared. I don’t understand why these animals weren’t removed days ago. Even animals have certain rights,” he lamented.

Jacob William and Mimi Ann were jailed without bail and charged with aggravated assault, corruption of minors, strangulation and endangering the welfare of children. They are due in court on February 20.

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