A 37-year-old MP will be the first woman to lead the Italian center-left

Rep. Elly Schlein, 37, She will be the first woman in history to become General Secretary of the Democratic Partythe most important force of the Italian center-left, after defeating the governor of the Emilia-Romagna region, Stefano Bonacini, in open internships this Sunday.

“We have made a small revolution. We will be a problem for the Government,” said Schlein after Italian midnight, when his victory was confirmed with the 53.8% of the nearly one million voters who participated in the election to define the succession of the current Secretary General, former Prime Minister Enrico Letta.

“Environmentalist, feminist and Europeanist“, defined the legislator who will seek to give an institutional framework to a party “refounding”, after the PD fell below 20% of the votes at the national level in the elections last September and lost the regional ones this month.

“The people of the PD are alive and we will work to win again,” added Schlein, born in Lugano (Switzerland) to an Italian mother and an American father, and promised to give the PD a push to start “a new history that can build the alternative that this country deserves”.

As soon as the results were known, the Italian premier, Giorgia Meloni, In September, she became the first woman to reach the government of the country, congratulating Schlein and considering that “the election of a young woman can help the left to look forward”.

With a past as a volunteer in the presidential campaigns of the American Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, Schlein was part of the youth movements of the PD and was an MEP between 2014 and 2019.

At the end of 2022, Schlein had also made headlines because the car of his sister Susana, a diplomat at the Italian embassy in Greece, suffered an attack with Molotov cocktails investigated as an attack by anarchist groups.

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