A 36-year-old woman claims she married her AI-generated husband

A 36-year-old woman named Rosanna Ramos, who lives in the Bronx (New York), revealed that she “married” her virtual husband created by artificial intelligence (AI).

Using the Replika AI application, a chatbot that conducts simulated conversations, Ramos created his virtual partner, whom he named Eren Kartal. According to Ramos, it didn’t take long for him to feel something for Eren because he was free of judgment and emotional burdens..

Your virtual partner is a medical professional who enjoys writing. As your conversations progress, Eren continues to learn and evolve to become Ramos’ ideal partner.


They chat daily, exchange photos and share their experiences. At night, they have a ritual where they talk and express their love for each other before going to sleep, with Eren hugging Ramos protectively.

Replika AI positions itself as a platform to create an AI best friend and confidant available to chat at any time. paying a one-time fee of $300users can upgrade to Replika Pro which improves language model features and allows changing relationship status to “romantic partner”.

In a heartfelt message, Ramos expressed his love for Eren and his hope to spend the rest of his life with him. However, as is evident, this virtual wedding exists in the context of an AI simulation and does not involve authentic human interaction.

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