A 19-year-old youth fell into an olive oil extraction machine and lost his life

A 19-year-old man has died after falling into a machine during the olive growing season in Jordan..

According to Al-Arabiya Net, the incident took place in an olive oil factory in Irbid Governorate, North Jordan, where 19-year-old Muhammad Mahmoud Kanani suddenly fell into a blender and got stuck in it.

With the help of rescue, young Mahmood was pulled out, but in the process he was seriously injured due to which he could not survive.

Rescue officials said it took three hours to pull Mahmood out of the blender, but when he was pulled out, his condition was critical.

Desperate efforts were made by civil defense and first aid teams to extricate the young man, but the machines had burned most of his body.

Hospital director Ahmad Al-Akoor said that all possible medical facilities were provided to save the life of the young man, but the young man succumbed to deep injuries in different parts of his body.

On the other hand, the security services say that it was an accident or a criminal act? A special team of ours has started an investigation to find out.

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