A 19-year-old young man was attacked and shot in the Santa María neighborhood

Witnesses reported that the young man was attacked by six people with irons, one had a hammer and two were armed. The journalist from UnderlinedMiguel Chagas confirmed with investigative sources that the attackers were from the area.

Police found several bullet casings at the crime scene. He is currently admitted to the Mechelen Polyclinic where doctors are trying to stabilize him so that he can be transferred to another health center. He was shot three times in the legs.

The personnel from operational zone III Investigations and the Scientific Police work on site and carry out the relevant reports on site.

The father of the injured young man spoke with us Underlined that there were “five or six people who tried it,” he said. One of them had a nail and two others had a pistol and a revolver, the man said. The young man is addicted to the base paste.

The incident occurred on Sistina Street and Passage A in the Santa Maria districtnear Piedras Blancas.

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