A 10-year-old boy asks Apple to change his nerd emoji

Every day we use emojis in our conversations to express feelings, make jokes or simply react to a message; But one kid asked Apple to change the nerd emoji.

Teddy Cottle is a 10-year-old British boy who finds this emoji “offensive and offensive.”

And that’s why he decided to make a strange request to Apple for an image change and dared to present his proposal.

“It makes me sad and upset, and if I find it offensive, there will be thousands of people around the world who also find it offensive,” he said.

The child believes that the image of the large rabbit front teeth creates a false impression of people who wear glasses.

Therefore, Teddy believes it’s best if this emoji has a more appropriate smile.

Additionally, he said that many people, including himself, don’t like being called a nerd because they wear glasses.

So he decided to create his own version of the nerd emoji, giving it a sideways smile and a small face with glasses and thin frames.

«Firstly, I don’t like the name because I find it quite rude. Many people don’t like being called nerds. And then his appearance is a bit silly because of the teeth, which are pointy and stick out and make him look a bit like a rat,” he told the Henley Standard newspaper.

But this whole adventure of contacting Apple to make this request was encouraged by his French teacher, Lisa Baillie; who heard his disagreement and encouraged him to send a letter signed by many people to the company.

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