Huawei will start to focus on emerging countries to dribble the US

Tensions between the United States and China are not new, and after the latest developments in Afghanistan, it looks like they will not go away. That’s why Huawei, penalized by the veto of the United States, is studying a way to give a very important turn in its growth strategy. Although we do not delve into geopolitics and the international economy, we must remember that in the coming decades the countries now considered semi-developed will acquire a much greater relevance than they are today. And that’s where Huawei will focus its future growth. Africa and the Middle East will be key to Huawei.

The Chinese brand is focusing on growth in countries where the US veto of its smartphones and 5G networks isn’t as powerful as in the West. China has a growing influence in Asia and Africa and wants to consolidate this relevance, unlike the United States, which has it in Europe and Latin America. Currently, there are brands that manufacture and sell directly in Africa, but none of the world’s giants paid much attention to this continent; most likely due to implementation costs. Huawei is building infrastructure on this continent and it looks like it will be one of the spearheads of the new Chinese policy, which is increasingly positioning itself as a rival to the United States. Of course, in terms of making cheap smartphones, the current shortage of processors could slow the company down.

Data centers in Senegal: In early June, Senegal opened a new data center for its telecommunications. It was built thanks to a loan from the Chinese government and Huawei provided the necessary technical elements. This kind of movement is what makes us think that within a few decades the Asian country will have more global influence than the United States. Of course, China’s collaboration goes hand in hand with some pressure to repay these loans, and Senegal is just one of many examples.

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