The Iraqi Cabinet Secretariat has announced the victory of 97 women in the Legislative Council elections.

According to international media, the party of religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr has won the most seats and the number of seats it has won so far is 73.

In the election, Takdam Bloc has claimed victory in 38 seats while the third party is Dudul Qanun which has won 37 seats.

Al-Fatah Ittehad has lost the elections and has decided to approach the Election Commission alleging election rigging. Al-Fatah Ittehad is of the view that the Electoral Commission did not follow the legal procedure.

Hadi al-Omari is leading the Fatah coalition, which includes parties with armed wings. The coalition has influence in southern and central Iraq, as well as in the capital, Baghdad.

The head of the European Observatory for Human Rights says parliamentary elections in Iraq were well-organized and that freedom of expression was respected.

He said the election process was monitored by more than 100 observers, in addition to 59 EU diplomats.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Election Commission has started receiving objections and appeals related to polling and this process will continue for 3 days.



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