Google Play Store is the best place to find apps and games for your Android smartphone and tablet. In this application store you will find a wide range of proposals for all tastes and needs.

Occasionally campaigns are carried out where some applications can be purchased that are normally paid at zero cost. Today I bring you a small collection of apps and games that can be temporarily downloaded for free.

Today’s list features two personalization apps for your Wear OS smartphone or watch. Plus, we have some free games that are great for expanding your entertainment library on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Temporarily free apps on the Play Store

If you like the rocket launcher from Apple on iOS, then today’s first app is perfect for you. With it you can transform the organization of your Android smartphone into something very similar to the iPhone. The second app is aimed at those looking for new faces for their Wear OS smartwatch.

Temporarily free games on the Play Store

The list of temporarily free games on the Play Store has various genres to please a wider range of users. From puzzles, FPS, and more fun, you’re sure to find something that will add value to your game library.

As already mentioned, the promotions carried out in these applications are temporary. It means that if you take too long to take advantage of this opportunity, its freeness may disappear.

Once installed on your Android smartphone or tablet, they are yours forever. So take the opportunity now and keep these apps forever in your Google account at no cost.


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