9 students committed suicide after failing the exam

In India, 9 students committed suicide after failing in the annual intermediate examination.

According to media reports, the incidents of student suicides occurred after the declaration of the intermediate first and second year results in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

17-year-old B Tarun jumped in front of a moving train and died after failing an exam. 16-year-old Akhilashree hanged herself at home.

18-year-old Jagdish hanged himself in the living room. 17-year-old Anusha ended her life by jumping into the lake. 17-year-old Babu took his life after consuming pesticide. 17-year-old Kiran hanged himself.

The police started investigating these incidents. Psychologists have appealed to students to avoid taking extreme steps and keep trying to turn failure into success.

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