In the Play Store you can find a wide range of applications and games for the Android operating system. Some are paid, others are free, but today we show you some opportunities that you should not miss.

Once again, I bring you a list of apps and games that are temporarily free for any Android device. Once installed on your smartphone or tablet, they will be permanently associated with your Google account.

As always, we have some general purpose apps that can add value to your Android smartphone or tablet. But if it’s just entertainment you’re after, then we’ve got some games that are sure to be worth your time.

Temporarily free apps on the Play Store

Today we have several general utility applications that will help you get more out of your smartphone. From recording simple information by voice, to a more complete camera or a more elaborate MP3 player, you will certainly benefit from these opportunities.

Temporarily free games on the Play Store

The first two options are the most advantageous of the batch of temporarily free games on the Play Store. These are heavily discounted, so don’t miss out on adding them to your library for free.

The other games are also valuable options that you should not miss out on. Take the opportunity to reinforce the entertainment options on your Android smartphone or tablet.

All apps and games listed in this article are free for a limited time. In fact, don’t waste time installing them on your computer before they’re free.


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