New Delhi: A company that has been doing homework in India for the past two years has called back its employees and 800 employees have resigned.

According to Indian media, more than 800 employees of a tech company have resigned in the last two months after being called back to the office at the end of work from home.

The employees voluntarily resigned because they did not want to return to the office after working from home for the past two years since the coronavirus.

The White Hat Junior company (which is a coding learning platform) announced an end-to-end workplace policy in an email on March 18 that would allow remote employees to return to work within a month. Was asked to come

However, the company has learned that about 800 employees have resigned instead of returning to the office, with more employees expected to resign in the coming months.

One of the resigning employees said that one month was not enough, some colleagues have children while some have old and sick parents, we also have other work, it is not right to call the employees back in such short time.

He said that the policy of recalling employees was issued so that the employees would resign themselves as the company was clearly running at a loss, reducing its expenses without tarnishing its image in the market. This was done to do.

He said that at the time of recruitment, employees were told about their place of employment. White Hat Junior has offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, but after working from home for two years, employees thought it was expensive The increase in their salaries should have been considered to cover the cost of living in the city.