8 people were killed in a shooting inside a church in Germany

At least 8 people were killed and many others were injured as a result of a shooting in a (church) in the city of Hamburg.

According to foreign media reports, a shooting occurred in a church of Jehovah Witnesses in the city of Hamburg, a Christian sect, while a religious ceremony was going on there.

At least 8 people have been claimed dead, but German police have not confirmed this, but have confirmed that several people have been taken to hospital with injuries.

Police say the perpetrator was the same person who fired more or less 25 shots. The shooter may also be among the dead.

Immediately after the shooting, a local resident recorded a video of the church in which a man can be seen entering the church through a window and then gunshots can be heard in the building.

The person who recorded the video clip further said that one person was seen running from the first floor to the second floor.

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