74% of Spaniards use their mobile phone to shop online

In an ever-changing environment like e-commerce, companies are looking for ways to stay relevant and respond quickly to consumer needs. To achieve this, brands need to know the user very well in order to adapt the way they interact with them. In this context, the latest report from idealo.esThis is what the online price comparator reveals 74% of Spaniards prefer to shop on mobile.

Thanks to the convenience and versatility of mobile devices, this percentage is also increasing Spain is the leading country for mobile shopping in Europealthough there was a slight decrease compared to the previous year, when the percentage reached 75%.

Compared to other neighboring countries, Italians take second place with 72.6%. They are followed by the British with 59.5%, the Germans with 58.9%, the Austrians with 58.2% and the French with 56.7%. The analysis also shows that Preference of Spaniards to do their shopping on Mondays at 9:00 p.m..

This consumption model and its boom in recent years have managed to attract the attention of all generations, especially the Silver economy, i.e. economic activities aimed at people over 55 years of age. According to online price buyer data 69% of Spaniards aged 55 to 64 make at least one purchase per month, 7% more than a year ago.

This generation, which enjoys greater economic stability compared to younger people, exceeds the average number of Spaniards who buy a product online per month (65%).. Likewise, 70% of 45-54 year olds make an online purchase every month, up 2% from last year. This data shows that this consumption model has already spread to different generations of Spaniards who regularly buy products online.

Fashion and technology are the most searched categories by Spaniards

In this sense, another recent study by idealo.es shows that this is the case The clothing, shoes and accessories category accounts for 61.9% of Spaniards’ online shopping preferences. At the same time, technology and electronics also occupy a relevant place at 56.3%. On the other hand, the categories of travel (48.5%) and culture (44.5%) still have a significant weight in the online shopping landscape, as do the purchase of vehicles (2.7%) and jewelry (8. 8%) remains rather moderate level.

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Social networks inspire online shopping

Social networks have become part of the daily life of Spaniards, who look to them for entertainment and inspiration. They have thus become a new advertising channel that introduces numerous products to an ever wider audience. According to this study by idealo.es, Instagram is the social network that Spaniards use most on a daily basis (61%), followed by YouTube (54%) and Facebook (48%). For its part, Tik Tok continues to grow at a good pace and has already overtaken X (formerly Twitter) with 35% of daily users, compared to 28%.

With age in mind, Tiktok is conquering Generation Z. 59.7% of young people between the ages of 16 and 24 open the TikTok application every day. 7 points more than a year ago. However, only 17.1% of them use Facebook.

“These results not only reflect Spaniards’ growing preference for e-commerce, which has continued in recent years despite economic uncertainty, but also provide insight into their online consumption habits and preferences. “This data is important for businesses and retailers who want to adapt and offer their customers a more satisfying and personalized shopping experience.”emphasized Kike Aganzo, communications manager at idealo.es.

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