72% of Spaniards will buy technology this Black Friday

Black Friday continues to establish itself as one of the most important dates in the commercial calendar in Spain. Every year, Spaniards wait for the November campaigns with their offers and discounts to be able to buy the most sought-after products at the best prices. Actually a study by PcComponents, E-commerce This is what a Spanish technology expert reveals in collaboration with the Rey Juan Carlos University 72% of Spaniards take advantage of Black Friday discounts to invest in technology products.

“The data from our study shows that technology is one of the star products of Black Friday. For this reason, at PcComponentes we continue to position ourselves as an ally of the Spaniards who will buy this product, which will play a key role in their daily lives.” comment Alicia Vicente, Brand and Communications Manager at PcComponentes. “In recent years, products such as smartphones, robot vacuum cleaners, computers, air fryers or smartwatches have become inseparable companions, which is why a large part of the population waits for Black Friday discounts to renew these devices or buy new ones.” concludes Alicia Vicente.

under the name of “From digital users to hyper-connected society”, the study of the E-commerce Murciano analyzes the consumer trends of Spaniards to find out what their preferences and purchasing habits are in view of the big commercial milestone of the year. In this sense, the data in the report suggests this 38% of respondents plan to spend between 100 and 500 euros on this campaign6% say the range is between €500 and €1,000, while 11% say they have no set limit. It should be noted that Galicia, as an Autonomous Community, will be at the forefront of Black Friday spending, with up to 10% of Galicians planning to spend between 500 and 1,000 euros.

Assessing technology purchases in the weeks leading up to Black Friday

November is one of the months with the most deals as more and more companies decide to extend their Black Friday beyond the specific Friday so that consumers can purchase their products at the best price. Despite the large number of offers available to Spaniards, the PcComponentes study shows that, contrary to what happens with fashion or shoes, the 39% the Spaniard You spend time researching Gadgets that you would like to purchase in the past few weeks to get the best deals and only buy the products you really need.

In addition to discounts, Spaniards attach importance to aspects such as free returns and that fast and personalized resolution of incidents, This confirms the importance of after-sales satisfaction and customer service. A 75% of respondents consider it important or very important that the return of products purchased on Black Friday is free, as is the case with fast and personal customer service This can provide them with expert support throughout the entire purchasing process 73% the Spaniard.

“The results of our study show the importance we attach not only to discounts, but also to the shopping experience, which is why all of our experts are here to support consumers at all times this year to help them make the best decision.” That’s exactly one of our differentiation values ​​that we offer at PcComponentes, as during this campaign we redouble our efforts to guarantee the user maximum purchase satisfaction.” says Alicia Vicente.

4 tips from PcComponentes experts for buying on Black Friday

At PcComponentes they have not only selected but also curated a wide selection of technology products at up to 40% off Four keys from your technology experts to help all Spaniards who want to buy this Black Friday:

  • Shop at trusted stores: fall back on E-commerce For stores that value appearance and layout, have shopped at before, or have expert customer service, be sure to avoid falling for false offers or buying products you don’t really need.
  • Always check the purchasing conditions: Although you can find great deals on certain websites, when you pay, the amount is much higher than expected. Since not all stores have the same purchasing conditions, it is advisable to check whether shipping and/or returns are free, what payment options they provide you with, or even whether they offer a replacement guarantee. . Aside from that, More and more Spaniards are using Black Friday to do their Christmas shopping. Therefore, it is important to find out whether this is the case E-commerce There is an extended return period.
  • Pay attention to the sales prices and not just the offers: In times of deep discounts, it can be very easy to get carried away by the discount rate without considering the actual price of the product. PcComponentes experts not only recommend searching for price history, but also make it available to consumers Your Seal Black price 100% guaranteed This certifies that it has the lowest price in the last 30 days. In addition, Spaniards can check price trends using the item files hosted on the site to avoid unrealistic discounts.
  • Don’t forget to rely on the real experiences of other buyers and the advice of experts: Before you buy a technical product, it is important to check whether it really meets your needs. Through the opinions of other buyers, consumers can learn details of previous experiences, which are very useful. Likewise, the availability of a team of experts to assist the consumer during this campaign can help them make the best decision.

From today Spaniards can enjoy Orange is The New Black, the Black Friday campaign of the E-commerce Spanish technology expert that will turn the entire country orange with discounts of up to 40% on a wide range of technology products, daily lightning deals and a 100% guaranteed black seal.

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