72% of Generation Z stands out for consuming gaming content

GfK DAMthe official meter of digital consumption in Spain, has released the results of the X-ray of the digital consumption of Generation Z. In it, the consumption of the Internet by young people based on their browsing habits is analyzed, including a focus on the brands of the different categories, as well as analyzing digital consumption by time slots and differentiating by gender. To carry out this study, an analysis of digital consumption in Spain between the ages of 16 and 24 during the month of March has been taken into account.

Most preferred activities

Among the conclusions, it stands out that almost 40% of young people consume pages for adults, being the age group of the population most active in this type of content. The Generation Z is also very active digitally in the consumption of content from gaming, Nearly 1,300,000 young people access them on a daily basis. These contents stand out as the second activity with the greatest affinity among young peopleafter content for adults, which means that these categories are preferred by this age segment compared to the rest of the population.

Traditionally, environments gaming they were related to a predominantly male consumption, but this conception is not part of the current reality of digital consumption, since 51% of its users are men and 49% are women.

On the other hand, the lower use of of betting sites. Although these data are high, This generation is the one with the least access to this type of activity. Betting ranks last in terms of consumption and affinity among young people, with 87,900 daily users and barely 13% coverage. It is also worth mentioning the existence of a significant gender gap: young women barely consume this content, since they make up just over 20,000 daily users.

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Social networks and platforms streaming

Young people are Very active on social networks. This activity is in second position in terms of unique monthly users, with more than 4,300,000 and being second only to the media on-line of information.

Although they make intensive use of social networks, their activity does not stand out especially compared to other age groups. There is equal use by gender, with 96% coverage among boys and 93% among girls.

Although some of them are particularly related to this generation, as is the case of TikTok. This social network plays an essential role in the digital consumption of young people and it surpasses in preference to others like Facebook and Instagram. In terms of coverage, video content positions Youtube with 89% and among messaging services it continues to reign WhatsAppvisited by 84%.

93% of young people prefer VOD platforms

Young people use the digital channel to access shopping websites, an activity (Shopping) present in the Top 10 in terms of those that generate the most connection in this audience, with a coverage of 94% and an average daily audience of 2,281,130. users.

On the other hand, Amazon is not the ecommerce more akin to them, SHEIN stands out within their usage preferences.

Regarding audiovisual consumption, 93% of young people prefer VOD (Video On Demand) platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, compared to 60% who opt for the more traditional television channels (Media Broadcasting). In addition, it can be seen that there are hardly any differences between the consumption of men (96%) and women (90%).

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