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70 soldiers are looking for the dog Wilson in the jungle; colombian amazon



Since he was a puppy, he lived and trained with the military to rescue people. Wilson, the dog that was the protagonist of the discovery of the four children in the Colombian jungle, got lost during the search and is wanted by 70 soldiers.

#VamosPorWilson, #FaltaUno, #WilsonHeroeNacional are some of the hashtags that multiply in virtual conversations, when the tension over the search for the indigenous brothers turned into relief after their rescue on Friday.

Lesly (13 years old), Soleiny, (9) Tien Noriel (5) and Cristín (1) are recovering in a Bogotá military hospital after 40 days of hardship in the Amazon jungle and a May 1 plane crash in which were the only survivors.

But “the search is not over,” the army insists. In the southern departments of Guaviare and Caquetá, more than 70 soldiers are working tirelessly to locate Wilson, a six-year-old Belgian Malinois shepherd.

“We are going for Wilson, we are going to bring him,” General Pedro Sánchez, head of the children’s rescue operation, said yesterday, quoted in a bulletin.

These types of dogs are trained in pairs, where they are assigned a single military “guide” who will accompany them throughout their lives in different operations. Cristian David Lara, Wilson’s duo, remains in the jungle to try to find his whereabouts.

“He did not want to leave the area until he found his puppy, these couples create a bond of a lifetime,” an army official told the newspaper. The viewer.

When a military crew found the plane destroyed, three adults dead, but none of the children who were passengers, a major search operation began.

More than a hundred soldiers and indigenous people, accompanied by tracking dogs, deployed in a region where jaguars, poisonous snakes and other dangerous predators live.

Wilson found baby Cristin’s bottle among the thick vegetation and almost 4 kilometers away from the accident site.

But two weeks ago, “due to the complex terrain, humidity and adverse weather conditions (Wilson) would have become disoriented,” the army reported.

Several clues point to the fact that the dog could have been the first to find the children, as the animal’s footprints appear to indicate along with those of the minors.

“Wilson is a dog, but he is our command. I would say that he was the first to find the children, ”said Sánchez this Tuesday.

“A fallen comrade is never abandoned on the battlefield. #OperaciónEsperanza advances in the search for our canine Wilson, who, tracking and in his eagerness to find the children, distances himself from the troops and gets lost,” the institution said on Twitter.

was with the children

  • Lesly and Soleiny, the older sisters, drew a picture with a dog in the middle of trees, next to a river, and Wilson’s name written in black.

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