70% of consumers claim the return of orders from home and without the need for labels

CTT Express announces that 70% of consumers claim to be able to return their online purchases from home and without the need to print labels. This data comes from the results of the third report made by the company to consumers between 18 and 70 years.

“For us it is key to know more in detail how consumers buy and what needs they have once they finish their purchase and wait for the arrival of their order. For this reason, every year, from CTT Express, we carry out this study that sheds light on aspects such as product returns, 24-hour deliveries at home or at work or the most attractive sectors for purchases” Explain Leticia Martín Santiago, director of Communication and Brand of CTT Express.

Purchases through online stores continue their double-digit growth. According to this latest study on online consumer habits, 60% of the people surveyed make at least one purchase per month with an expenditure of more than 40 euros. These figures would confirm the latest statements made by specialists who assure that, despite the slowdown in the first months of the year, Spain ranks alongside Portugal as the markets in which e-commerce is growing at a double-digit rate.

With all this, the textile industry, with 70%, is at the head as the most demanded sector in the online channel, followed by technology, between 30%, and beauty products for 15% of those consulted . In addition, it should be noted that the mobile is positioned as the way or device through which almost 80% of consumers make their purchases, making it even more comfortable and accessible.

“Increasingly, small and large Marketplaces see the Iberian market as a great opportunity to sell their products. To respond to these new concerns, at CTT Express, we also listen to these customers and have configured one of the best integrated networks on the market, with a unique operating model and 100% coverage of the territory in 24 hours” it states Manuel Molins, CEO of CTT Express.

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Precisely, convenience in delivery is, for 90% of those surveyed, the main reason for their purchase online. As is also the case, not having to go to a shopping center, as indicated by 6%. The 2.0 consumer needs comfortable and flexible methods that adapt to their daily needs. For this reason, 70% continue to want to receive their shipments at home, but, in addition, the number of people who opt for convenience points to receive their packages increases by 3% (up to 12%). A flexible and secure alternative that allows delivery to be adjusted to the recipient’s own needs, guaranteeing success in the first delivery.

On the other hand, according to the report, the environmental issue gains weight among the demands of consumers towards delivery operators. Along these lines, express delivery companies position themselves as the alternative to private vehicles and help reduce emissions and protect the environment.

According to Álvaro Herrera, director of operations of CTT Express “Far from what it may seem, urgent transport is to shopping what the bus is to passenger transport. In other words, thanks to urgent delivery, we can deliver 100 or 120 shipments in a single trip, thus avoiding 100 or 120 people traveling in their private vehicles to large shopping centers to make their purchases. Or that they have to come back to make a refund.”

Precisely for this reason, the company launched its Easy Return product on the market, which facilitates what more than 70% of those surveyed claim: collection of returns at home and without printing paper.

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