7-year-old daughter gave Vivek Oberoi a warning after seeing the father’s act

7-year-old daughter gave Vivek Oberoi a warning after seeing the father's act

Vivek Oberoi is a well known Bollywood actor. Vivek Oberoi made his film debut with the 2002 film ‘Company’. Vivek Oberoi was kept in discussion about his personal life rather than his professional life. At one point, Vivek also had an affair with Aishwarya Rai. However, their relationship could not last long. After the breakup with Aishwarya, Vivek Oberoi married Priyanka Alva on October 29, 2010. Today, Priyanka and Vivek also have two children named Vivaan and Amaya.

Let me tell you, Priyanka and Vivek’s first meeting took place at a wedding function. Both had given their hearts at first sight upon seeing each other. More than 12 years have passed since Vivek’s marriage and the actor enjoys a happy life with his family. Vivek Oberoi often shares photos with his family on social media, which his fans also like a lot. Vivek told India Today a funny story about his daughter Amaya. Vivek had said that after seeing his kissing scene in the movie ‘Saathiya’, his daughter had given him a very nice warning.

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Vivek said that he was once watching his movies ‘Saathiya’ and ‘Prince’ with Vivaan and Amaya. As soon as he finished the movie, his daughter gave him a very tender warning. Actually, there was a Vivek kissing scene in the movie and after seeing this scene, Vivek’s daughter Amaya gave him a warning. Vivek recounted that his 7-year-old daughter told him: “Dad, the one you kissed was not a mother, I did not like it.” You can’t kiss anyone but your mother. Vivek said smiling ‘OK’ about this Amaya thing.

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