7-year-old boy saved from drowning by two children

A story that reminds us that a tragedy can happen very quickly. As reported CNN Friday, a 7-year-old child was saved from drowning in a swimming pool in Fenton (Michigan, United States).

On June 20, the boy was having fun in the pool at his residence, surrounded by his mother and several other adults and children. According to what he later told the channel ABC News, he had the bad idea to take off his armbands: “I just wanted to prove myself. »

Two more attentive brothers

Unfortunately, the boy soon found himself in trouble as he drifted towards the deepest part of the pool. He then began to sink, unable to get his head out of the water for almost a minute.

Nobody realized the drama that was playing out a few meters away… except two brothers aged 12 and 8, who noticed the strange behavior of the child. “I saw him at the bottom of the pool and I didn’t know if he was just playing or something. So I just told Weston (his brother) to dive in to see if he was okay,” the older of the two testified.

A ceremony to congratulate them

As seen in CCTV footage, the boy was quickly pulled out of the water, which finally caught the attention of the adults at the edge of the pool. His mother immediately called 911 and gave him CPR until he was breathing again.

The young victim was hospitalized for thirty-six hours before being able to return to his home, fully recovered. The two young heroes of the day were warmly congratulated during a ceremony, where the sheriff offered them a financial reward of 100 dollars. “You know, they hold a special place in my heart,” said the survivor’s grandfather with emotion. A lot of my heroes don’t wear capes…”

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