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The WHO has cited the lack of measures to protect against infection and the growing evidence of vaccine exposure to minor illnesses.


  • The WHO said that the total death cases due to corona infection could exceed 20 lakhs.
  • WHO Europe urged people to get vaccinated and have proper hygiene.
  • The WHO has asked to maintain a certain distance between them, so that the spread of the virus can be avoided.

Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) Office for Europe has said that seven lakh more people are forecast to die from the corona virus epidemic by next spring in 53 countries across the continent, raising the total number of deaths from infection to more than two. million. can be. WHO Europe has its office in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

The WHO cited a lack of protective measures against infection and growing evidence of vaccine exposure to minor illnesses, saying that the most vulnerable populations, including people with weakened immune systems, those over 60 and healthcare workers , they should get the vaccine. Priority should be given when giving a booster dose.

However, the WHO’s international headquarters in Geneva has repeatedly advocated for a year-end moratorium on the use of booster doses to provide doses to the many developing countries that lack a COVID vaccine compared to wealthier countries. . WHO Europe has urged people to keep a certain distance from each other, urging people to get vaccinated and have proper hygiene, so that the spread of the virus can be stopped.

Dr Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, said in a statement: “Today, the Kovid-19 situation in Europe and Central Asia is very serious. We have a winter challenge ahead, but we must not lose the Hope, as we, governments, health officials, and ordinary people, can take decisive action to contain the pandemic.



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