62-year-old man killed for calling neighbor’s dog a dog

62-year-old man killed for calling neighbor's dog a dog

Neighbors killed 62-year-old man for calling his pet dog “dog”.

A tragic incident took place on Thursday in the Dindigul district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu in which a 62-year-old man was brutally killed by neighbors for calling his pet dog a dog.

The incident happened when Rypon, 62, sent his grandson to a nearby field to turn off the water motor and asked him to take a stick with him because the neighbors’ dog was roaming around.

His neighbors Nirmala and his sons Daniel and Vincent also heard this and got angry and rushed to fight. Daniel punched Ripon in the chest causing him to fall down and die on the spot, after which the three mother and son. They escaped from there.

According to Indian media, the police have arrested the woman and her two sons involved in the incident and registered a case.


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