62% of merchants haven’t sold Bitcoin in a year

According to data from TipRanks, most of the Bitcoin investors have been holding their tokens for a year or more.

Majority of Investors Continue to Hold Bitcoin

Despite the uncertainties that come with the bear market, statistics show that the majority of Bitcoin traders have been using a very simple trading strategy for over a year: hodling.

According to data from the trading analysis platform TipRanks 62% of wallets have held their Bitcoin for a year or more. In addition, 32% of the wallets appear to have held their Bitcoin for a month to a year. But 6% have held their Bitcoin for less than a month.

Aside from holdings, the site also provided an analysis of Bitcoin holding profitability. According to the data, 48 percent of current investors are still making a profit, while about an equal number of investors are losing. The data also showed that the remaining 4% made no profit or loss.

Although the price of Bitcoin has fallen sharply lately, almost a quarter of the circulating supply remained in wallets. On August 18, statistics showed that 24% of Bitcoin supply remained untouched for at least five years. This suggests that long-term holders have no intention of selling, especially during a bear market.

Research by Appinio

Another study, conducted by market research platform Appinio, showed that 55% of crypto investors continue to hold onto their crypto investments. This is despite the massive sell-off that has recently taken place within the crypto market. 40% of the survey participants believe that Bitcoin will still be the best investment opportunity for the next three months.

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