61% of Spaniards consider giving second-hand products as gifts this Christmas

Almost three out of four Spaniards (74%) like to look for deals on used products, and 38% say they look for used or refurbished options first when making purchases. In addition, 96% say that when shopping online, they usually compare the prices of new products with those of used products, both for technology products and for clothing or household items.

This follows from a Study from Amazon This also shows that this tendency to look for used or refurbished products is likely is reflected in Christmas shopping this year. More than half of the Spaniards surveyed (61%) say they would give away a used item of quality to a loved one for Christmas, Almost twice as much than last year (31%).

However, despite the enthusiasm that Spaniards show for purchasing used or refurbished items, Only 29% would repair an electronic device themselves if it broke. Most argue that they don’t know where to start and fear that trying would ruin the article even further.

As expected, 84% of respondents cited savings as the main reason for purchasing used products. 44% also take into account sustainability criteria such as extending the useful life of products.

Generational attitudes towards second-hand purchases in Spain

In Spain it is Generation Z buys used items most often. According to the Amazon study, 80% like to look for deals on these types of items, and on average, 30% of the clothing and 34% of the tech products they own are used. Almost half of respondents from this generation (43%) said they would rather buy used items than choose new products. However, fewer than one in three (28%) would try to repair an electronic device themselves if it breaks.

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On his part Millennials are among the people most likely to want to learn how to fix a broken electronic device: More than one in three respondents (36%) say they have visited a repair café in the last year, and more than three in four (77%) have successfully participated in a repair tutorial (e.g Do it yourself) on Youtube.

Regarding the generationthat’s what the study reveals 36% first look for second-hand offers when shoppingand 80% say they have successfully followed a repair tutorial on YouTube.

Finally, Baby boomers are the least likely to attempt to repair their belongings themselves, in case of damage; only 26% would do so. And in this generation, 34% look for bargains on used items before deciding to buy new.

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