6-year-old girl dies in free fall attraction because she was not strapped in

On September 5, a 6-year-old girl fell to her death in a Colorado amusement park. His seat belt was not fastened.

The Haunted Mine Drop merry-go-round at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado offers a free fall of 110 feet, or 33.5 meters, to those who dare to give it a try. The merry-go-round has two belts but no shoulder strap so that the sensations of free fall are even stronger.

On September 5, this attraction was the scene of a fatal accident. A poorly strapped 6-year-old girl fell more than 30 meters which resulted in her death. In a report published this Saturday, September 25, state inspectors put forward that if the belt was fastened, it was not around the child, who was therefore unattached.

Operator fault

Thus, the investigation determined that the little girl had sat on the belts. The latter had remained locked since the last lap of the merry-go-round. The seat having been unoccupied the child was able to sit down without problem. The operator of the merry-go-round had not unlocked the seat belts between the two laps.

The latter was nevertheless warned of a problem by the machine and went to check that the seat belts of the 6 year old child were properly locked. However, he did not notice that the protections were not properly placed on the victim. The merry-go-round still refusing to start, the operator initiated a manual start which subsequently led to the accident.

The investigators considered that the operator was malformed in safety, that the procedure was bad but also that protections at the level of the shoulders should have been installed. The attraction will remain closed until state inspectors determine that necessary safety improvements have been made to the ride.

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